Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

Hi Carlos, Hope all is well with you. Harold and I enjoyed so very much the tour of the Amalfi Coast with you. We tell everyone about our perfect day.

With Scott Chambliss and all his friends at the Farmhouse after an amazing lunch

Me,Rita Stauss and the Farmhouse's staff

Here i'm...great picture with an amazing view of Positano (Amalfi Coast)

Kristen, Piper, Mary, Debbie, and Gloria in Praiano (Amalfi coast)

Carlo, Thank you for a truly marvelous time. All of the transportation you provided was a real treat for us. Your knowledge of the history of some of the things we saw was very appreciated. We especially enjoyed the trip to the farm Fattoria Terranova. That was a highlight of our trip to Italy that we would not have discovered without you to guide us there. The atmosphere was special for us and the food and drink were excellent. Keep that place on the list to take your clients. We both wish we could have spent more time with you. Thank you, Stuart & Rita

with Bill and Marti in Altavilla Irpina (Avellino) looking for their roots

me and Gloria (from San Francisco) in Sorrento.

lovely dinner at the Farmhouse Terranova in Sorrento with my friends from Boston....p.s."next time i'll arrange the transfers with my business partner so i could drink some good wine with you guys"

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