Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

Ravello is definitely one of the nicest little town along the Amalfi coast,acutally located 350 meters above the sea level....so try to image the lovely views you could get from there.

In every corner you'll have fantastic spots but ,to be honest ,while visiting Ravello the Must is "Villa Rufolo".It's a XIII century villa which use to belong to the Rufolo'Family,one of the wealthiest faily of Ravello.....it'll be a very interesting visit of the entire Villa (for few euros entrance fees) and you'll be taking amazing picture from its gardens....350 meters above the sea level overlooking the Amalfi coast.

In 1880 in the Villa was hosted Richard Wagner (famous German composer),who got the inspiration for one of his most important opera called the Parsifal....so now they host every summer time (from June to Sept.) the famous Classical Music Festival of Ravello...right into the gardens.