Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

while you'll be driving on the Amalfi coast,next to the town of Amalfi....right on your way up to Ravello,you'll see a lovely little town right on your left side....the name of this tiny place is Pontone.If you're hungry and want to really have a good lunch/or dinner i'd definitely suggest to stop in the town and go looking for the Restaurant San Giovanni....it'll not be too hard,such a small town that has only 2 restaurants.

The Restaurant/Pizzeria San Giovanni is a Family run business and while sitting on a lovely terrace you could enjoy the views and the local food....very reasonable prices,nice atmosphere and off from the path,so not so many people up there,it'll be a very nice stop on the way up to Ravello,specially after the visit of the busy and touristy Amalfi.