Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

Off The Beaten Path Amalfi Coast Tour

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Duration: 10 h

This specifically day tour borns from the idea of visiting the breathtaking Amalfi coast in a different way......i mean,many times people,because such a lovely area,are coming back to the Amalfi Coast and obviously are looking for a different experience so this tour will give to you the opportunity of seeing the Amalfi coast from a different point of view....much more local.

Booking this tour you'll have of course much more spots for taking stunning pictures from hidden spots along the coast and specially from hills side too...obviously there are certain spots that even if could be very tourity still will be worht to see like specially the centre town of Positano and Ravello (where you'll have even free time to enjoy the visit)...later we'll drive and stop on the hills of Praiano,where honestly you could admire the beauty of the coast....keeping driving along the coast will pass by lovely fishing villages like Conca dei Marini....on our way to Ravello we'll discover towns like Pontone,Scala (perfect place for a local meal experience and kodak's moments)...later if interested you could be driven even to a lovely little town next to Amalfi called Minori where you'll have the opportunity of seeing some Roman Ruins (a villa back to the 1st century B.C.....or just stopping in onw of the most famous bakery along the coast called Sal De Riso).

Obviously this kind of tour could last a bit longer the the classical one,so i'd suggest to leave in the summer time by 8.30am from your own pleace in Sorrento and enjoying a lovely relaxing day.

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