Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

Local Farmhouse Dinner

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Duration: 6 h

Regarding some extra tour,while in Sorrento,in case you'd like to have a great experience,please consider this extra option for a full immersion in real italian local place.

You could have an half day tour with me along Sorrento peninsula in the evening...those are some details about it:

"I could come to pick you up directly at your hotel in Sorrento by 7pm,we'll enjoy a lovely drive you along the Sorrento

Peninsula,showing you the hidden area (lovely spots overlooking Capri island),fantastic sunset...by 8-8.30pm we'll reach an amazing Local Farmhouse Restaurant located right on

Sorrento hills,where you'll have the opportuntiy of tasting a real authentic food from their farm (fresh season food only,lovely atmosphere and reasonable prices)....once finished

eating dinner approx. 11pm you'll be driven to your own hotel.....the day could be planned once here so we could double check the forecasts too.

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