Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

In every house along the Sorrento Peninsula,as well the nearby Amalfi coast,every family has its good supply of liquor and obviously the Limoncello is the undisputed King.

While you'll be on holiday in my own town Sorrento you'll have some many places where they'll let you taste a sample of our lovely Limoncello,specially walking trought the

ancient distric of my area,that at the end of day you could be completely drunk....so be careful,the percentage of alcohol is approx. from 30 to 35.

The first reports of limoncello date back to 1900 and are related to the island of Capri.Since then the History of this product has grown in number and reputation.

A curiosity:

over the years,the image of limoncello has always been served with ice...WRONG,of course! Should be consumed at an extremely cold temperature so the taste of the digestive

and fragrant fruit cannot be described.