Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

while driving along the breathtaking Amalfi coast,specially in the area southern then Praiano,you could admire lovely terraces of Lemon Groves planted everywhere.

In these days,the lemons are rappresenting definitely for the area of Sorrento coast,Amalfi coast and Capri island too a big income thanks to their amazing perfume and taste....unique liquer as the Limoncello and great desserts with Lemon cream.

Anyway,it's important to know that Orange groves arrived on the Peninsula first,approx. in the 17th century,replacing mulberry trees.Up until then,citrus fruits were just ornamental and only thanks to the Jesuits,who understood the importance of Orange and their juice...specially to combact scurvy disease,where then planted here.So in the past,until the II° World War,mainly the majority of trees surrounding the coasts here were Oranges and not Lemons..then thanks to their much less sensitive the Lemons started getting more popular than Oranges.