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Are you looking for an authentic Italian lifestyle and do you also love travelling Off The Beaten Path?…so Go Borgo!

This campaign entitled “Go Borgo” wants you to discover the hidden parts of my beautiful Country, returning to lovely atmospheres and to simple, rustic and so fascinating historic villages which still in these days are keeping the same speed and habits of the past.

Italy has more than 300 Borghi, which literally means mostly tiny villages spread out into the Bel Paese, full of history, culture and old traditions where the few tourists reaching those places will have the opportunity to explore such lovely charming old towns centres and taste authentic Italian dishes. Walking through their narrow and steep roads will make you feel like you got back to the past, completely away from the crazy rush life of the city.

The best way to properly visit those villages will be definitely to stay 1-2 nights but, to be honest, it’ll be also very enjoyable and interesting to just have a quick short visit while moving from city to city (there will be many options while moving from the art city of Florence to the Eternal Rome or from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, Naples) or just day trips while based in some city.

It’d be so nice just to get off the highway while travelling and have a full immersion in an old Borgo on the way, even just to see it briefly and taste some local dishes. It’ll definitely be an additional value to your holiday in Italy….DO NOT MISS IT.

If you might be interested and you want to know more about it and what could be possible to see close by the location you’ve picked for your holiday in Italy, please feel free to contact me so I can give to you more info and details…it’ll be my own pleasure.

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