Wisely Travelling by Carlo Arcucci

I know that Naples had a pretty big bad reputation but trust me it’s a lovely city and has just as many other cities in the world some dangerous area…anyway It’ll be very worth to stop over,even just for an hour,at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples.
Most of the people goes to the Archeological Museum (where you could mainly see stuff find out in the ancient town of Pompei and Herculaneum).
The Capodimonte museum has a lot of great paintings and an amazing Farnese Collection…right now i want to let you know that in this museum you could see the most important copy of the “Giudizio Universale” of Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel in Rome obviously.
The painting preserved at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples is part of the Farnese Family Gallery,made by Marcello Venusti in 1549.The painting was ordered by the Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (nephew of Alessandro Farnese better know as Pope Paul III).This is a perfect reproduction of the Giudizio Universale of Michelangelo and it’s the only one where you could still see all naked bodies as it was the original one at the Sistine Chapel before the Church decides to cover those naked bodies.